Welcome to – Online Travel Guide Germany, the most populous country in Central Europe: for many people it stands – apart from Sauerkraut, Bratwurst and beer halls – for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen or Porsche. But the country has far more to offer than fine carsand industrial products. Most of Germany is countryside, with green pastures, golden wheat or rye fields and forest land, interspersed with clean and cosy little villages or romantic Medieval towns with half-timbered houses, beautiful town halls and market squares, all painstakingly restored. Mighty rivers like the Rhine, the Moselle, the Elbe or the Danube meander through a striking diversity of landscapes: the German Alps in the South with its snow-covered peaks, flowering meadows and stunning panoramas, the mellow Alpine Foreland of Bavaria with its magnificent forest-fringed glacial lakes, the Central Uplands with their expansive deep forests such as the Black Forest, the Thuringian Forest or the Bavarian Forest, all hikers’ paradises with hundreds of kilometres of well-maintained hiking trails, or the flat Northern Lowland with its unique coastline and idyllic islands. Find out more about Germany’s scenic attractions in the Geography and Federal States menus.To encounter Germany’s urban life is no less interesting. Visit the cities of Munich - host of the famous Oktoberfest and capital of Bavaria - with its Mediterranean atmosphere, or Hamburg, the vibrant harbour city in the North, or Cologne in the West, centre of the Rhenish Carnival with its world-famous cathedral. And – first and foremost – visit Berlin, the dynamic capital of Germany with its impressive architecture, alluring nightlife, today arguably the most fascinating place in Europe. Read more in the

Cities menu.

Germany is a major cultural destination. It’s the country of some of the greatest minds – philosophers, scientists, poets and writers, music composers and artists. Hundreds of worldclass museumsart collections, concert halls, opera houses and architectural sites testify Germany’s rich cultural heritage. Numerous impressive cathedrals and churches, glorious palaces and fairy-tale castles all add to the exceptional cultural menu of a country with two thousand years of history. Read more under Arts + Culture.

Germany is a country with an excellent tourist infrastructure. Wherever you go you can expect a well-developed transport system, accommodation for every budget, the finest food and exquisite wines, and – last but not least – friendly, open-minded people who love to practise speaking English.