German Fast Food & Snacks

Fast Food & Snacks

The “Imbiss” – also called “Schnellimbiss” or “Würstchenbude” – is a nationwide feature and much more common than McDonalds or KFC. It provides the country with quick eats and offers mainly Bratwurst, Currywurst, Frikandelle (meat ball) or “Bockwurst”, a vienna-style sausage. All items are eaten with mustard or tomato sauce, a slice of white bread or Pommes Frites (chips). The “Halbe Hähnchen”, half a grilled chicken, is another favourable item on most Imbiss menus.

Many of these outlets also sell “Belegte Brötchen”, crisp rolls with cheese or ham, salami, egg, tomato etc. A special type of Brötchen is the “Fischbrötchen”, a crisp roll with a pickled herring called “Bismarck Hering” or “Rollmops” if the herring is rolled up. One will find it especially in northern Germany or – nationwide – in the “Nordsee” bistro outlets.

The “Döner Kebab” was brought to Germany by the Turkish immigrants. It is similar to the shwarma. Thin slices of grilled veal, lamb or chicken in crisp Pitta bread and topped with onions, red cabbage, tomato slices and a sauce made from yoghurt, garlic and other spices. Very delicious! In Berlin you can find the Döner outlets everywhere. Sometimes you get a Döner for less than one Euro.

Quite common within the fast food scene are Pizza outlets where you get slices or whole pizzas for little money.