München (pop. 1,2 million), the metropolis in the south and capital of the Free State of Bavaria, is the most prosperous city in Germany. It has become Germany’s centre of high technology industry and also hosts BMW, arguably the World’s finest car manufacturer. München offers a sophisticated cultural menu with numerous world-class museums, theatres and several philharmonic orchestras, traditional Bavarian customs, beer gardens and haute cuisine, the world-famous “Oktoberfest” make the “Paris of Germany” so popular with visitors from all over the world. Munich is also a centre for sports and has sports for everyone. No matter whether you are a spectator or an active participant, the calendar is always packed with high-class events.

Some Highlights

The Marienplatz square with its famous Neo-Gothic Town Hall and the column of the Virgin Mary is the centre of the Altstadt. The carillon in the tower’s oriel window is a major tourist attraction. The annual Carneval celebrations and the Christmas market take place on the Marienplatz.

Englischer Garten
Munich’s city park – with 900 acres the largest of its kind in Europe – is nestled between the Altstadt and the Isar River. It provides shaded paths for walking and cycling and picturesque lakes which are frozen in winter. The park is well known for its beer gardens (Chinesischer Turm, Seehaus, Hirschau, Aumeister) and for the naked sunbathers on the extensive lawns.

This historical and world-famous beer hall started already in 1644. And up to today, it lives up to its reputation: beer, food, tourists and oompah music, 7 days a week.

The “Alte Pinakothek” is one of the oldest and most important galleries in the world. More than 800 masterpieces by European artists bring to life the development of art from the Middle Ages to the end of the Rococo period. The “Neue Pinakothek” displays more than 3000 paintings of European masters of 19th century. The “Pinakothek der Moderne” in the immediate vicinity is Germany’s biggest museum of modern art.

Deutsches Museum
This is one of the most comprehensive technical inventions museums in the World. It features aerospace and astronautics, astronomy, ceramics, chemistry, chronometry, computers, electrical power, energy technology, microelectronics, motor vehicles, music, power machinery, printing, textile technology, tunnel construction, weights and measures. There is also a Center for New Technologies and a Kid’s Kingdom.

Ruhmeshalle and Bavaria
The Hall of Fame is an open hall in Graeco-Roman style. It was constructed 1843-1853 by Leo von Klenze. It honours distinguished persons of Bavarian history. The bronze statue in front of the hall represents the State of Bavaria. From the top of the statue you can enjoy a nice view of Munich’s skyline.

Schloß Nymphenburg
This Baroque castle lies in Munich’s west. It was the summer residency of the Bavarian monarchs, the “Wittelsbacher” family. The castle and the beautiful pavillions in the park are open to visitors.